Why order a Santa Letter from Santa Claus House?

For seventy years we've put smiles on the faces of millions of children all over the world with the Original Letter from Santa. Here's what makes our Santa Letters stand out.

1. We have 70 years experience sending Letters from Santa.
We've been sending our letters from Santa since 1952. Here are some interesting things that were happening around the world when we started sending Letters from Santa:

  • A first class postage stamp within the United States is 3 cents
  • Harry S. Truman is President of the United States, and in the November 1952 Presidential election Dwight D. Eisenhower is elected to the office
  • Alaska is a territory of the United States (Alaska becomes a state in 1959)
  • George VI of England dies, his daughter becomes Queen Elizabeth II
  • The "Today Show" debuts on NBC
  • "Singin' In the Rain" starring Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds is a hit at the box office
  • The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway is published
  • Jonas Salk develops the first safe Polio vaccine
  • Lucy Ricardo (played by Lucille Ball) in "I Love Lucy" introduces pregnancy to television. On January 19, 1953, 54 million people tune in to watch Lucy deliver.
  • In the United States, 3 out of 5 families have a car, 2 out of 3 families have a telephone, and 1 out of 3 families have a television. Gas is 20 cents a gallon.

2. We are actually located in North Pole, Alaska.
We are physically located in North Pole, Alaska. Our employees live here and the mailman comes directly from the North Pole Post Office to pick-up our letters. We are the only letter site on the internet with an actual physical address in North Pole that you can actually visit or write to.

3. We are here year-round!
We are here year-round for you to visit our store, order Letters from Santa, or stop in to see the reindeer!

4. Your children can actually write to Santa at our address.
Every year we receive thousands of letters to Santa from children all over the world. While Santa can't respond to each letter due to the sheer volume received, he loves to read the letters. Many are displayed on our famous "letter walls" in our store which feature letters from children all over the world.

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The year we sent our first Santa Letter, a US first-class postage stamp was 3 cents.

5. We offer a huge variety of Letter from Santa styles.
We have a letter from Santa for any situation. We offer over two dozen styles of letters. Most letter styles have multiple versions so children in the same household will each receive a different letter. For example, of our most popular letters, we offer 25 variations of our famous Classic Christmas Letter, 8 variations of the Toddler Christmas Letter, and 5 variations of the Baby's 1st Christmas Letter.

6. We are proud to offer the same timeless stationary that children have enjoyed for generations.
Like Santa himself, our exclusive letter and envelope stationery has changed very little over the 60 years we've sent Santa Letters. This certainly enhances believability when children can see that their Santa Letter is written on the same paper as the Santa Letter their parents received decades ago.

7. We are proud to offer some of the best customer service on the web.
We pride ourselves on our customer service and want you to be satisfied. You can contact us year-round by phone, fax, mail, or email - whichever is best for you. Click here for our contact information.

8. Smiles are guaranteed.
We offer a Christmas delivery guarantee on our letters that we are proud to stand behind and have for over 60 years. If you've ordered your letter (US delivery) by December 5th and the letter doesn't arrive by Christmas, contact us and we'll make it right. Deadline is November 20th for all non-US or APO/FPO delivery addresses.

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Children can write to Santa at our address, and he will actually read it.

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Children today receive Santa letters with the same squeals of delight as children who received the letters generations ago.