Meet Santa's Reindeer Team!

Located next door to Santa Claus House, Antler Academy (of Flying & Reindeer Games) gives you the chance to step inside the pen with Santa's Reindeer Team.

Learn about reindeer, hear entertaining tidbits on the team, interact with and feed the deer, and have your picture taken with them to prove you truly did meet Santa's Team.

Look for the big red barn next to Santa Claus House to view the reindeer through the fence all year long or go inside the pen from Memorial Day through mid-September*.

Tour Admission:**

Children (3-11): $7.95
Adults (12+): $12.95

**Due to regulations and for safety reasons, group size and number of children per group are limited.

Antler Academy is open for tours from mid-May through mid-September*. The remainder of the year, you may view the reindeer through the safety fence.

*2020 Summer Update:

Due to the current global health situation and it's impact on Alaska tourism, Antler Academy will not be opening for Summer 2020.

You may still view the reindeer through the fence at any time and we anticipate reopening the pen for tours around Memorial Day 2021.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.