Read what just a few of our hundreds of thousands of happy customers have to say about the Original Letter from Santa

"I have been ordering your letters for about 20 years. I have not only sent them to my children, but I have sent them to friends and my parents and co-workers. Just about everyone I know has gotten a letter from Santaland....My children are older now and they are starting to send them to friends. I just want to say thank you to each and everyone of you in Santaland... and that you don't only bring smiles to children, but to us big children also."

-Nancy, USA

"I have depended on Santa Claus House for so many years now. My oldest granddaughter is twelve now and has always had a letter from Santa, stamped Santa Claus House. Thank you very much for being so reliable. I recommend you to any parent or grandparent wishing to add some holiday cheer to any child in their life. You add so much to our holidays. Thank you again."

-Sherley, USA

"I've just got to write and let you know, I've been sending the Santa letters and book to each new batch of grandchildren...for probably 14 years - and each time, the children have been so surprised and delighted to hear from Santa...the "excitement," when my little grandchildren bring their letters to me to see, gives me great pleasure."

-Marion, USA

"I was at your place in Alaska and I had you send two letters to my grandchildren. Well, the kids went "NUTS." The letter was the best gift I have ever given anyone. This year I added three little kids in Connecticut. Well, I didn't tell my wife I gave one of the three letters to her three grand nieces and nephews in Connecticut. This morning the phone rang and it was my wife's niece and she was esthetic. Your letter came to her kids yesterday and wait until I tell you not only was my wife happy, because she didn't know I had you send them a letter, but there is more to the story. The day before the letter arrived, her little nephew was up stairs and he wrote a letter which his mother found. This is what he said the day before your letter arrived, "Dear Santa Claus, I am in the fifth grade and some of my classmates have told me there is no Santa Claus. I believe in you Santa, but I need proof. " The next day your letter arrived. All I can say to you is how appropriate that your letter arrived after the day his mother found the letter the little boy wrote to you. All my life I have given presents to people and never before have I ever given a present to anyone that has caused me so much joy."

-Ray, USA

"Dear Santa, Thank you for the letter. I always love it when you send me letter's... So I will talk to you next year. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"

-Emily, recipient of Santa letter

"Once again this year I find myself looking forward to my children receiving a letter from Santa Claus House. They are now 12 and 14 and are just as excited as me. Last year I sent them to my niece and nephews and never let on to their parents. You can only imagine the joy and surprise on the whole families faces."

-Jenni, Australia

"Dear Santa Claus, I got your letter and do I really own a part in the North Pole? How's Mrs. Claus doing? Thanks for the deed and the sticker and the letter. Me and my little sister can't wait until Christmas Day. Thanks for everything."

-Hayley, recipient of Santa letter and North Pole Deed

"My son has this morning received his letter from Santa, I just had to write and say how wonderful & authentic they are. It was my first year of ordering and certainly won't be the last, what a fantastic service. I only wished I found you sooner!!"

-J.H., England

"Dear Santa Claws, I got your note. Thank you for the note. I rily beleve in you Santa Claws."

-Ali, recipient of Santa letter

"My wife has just received her "Letter from Santa" (wink, wink) today. She phoned me at work to say she spent the first ten minutes laughing to herself, before realising she was on Santa`s Naughty List. I would like to send Santa a huge Thank You, as my wife is going all-out to get on Santa's Good List and earn her badge. She says she already has a Lump of a Husband and doesn`t want the Lump of Coal too. The best few dollars I've ever spent!!"

-Paul, UK

"Dear Santa, thank you for sending me a letter. Now I have a question for you. When you said I was almost at the top of your list, did you mean good or bad list? Tell Rudolph and the rest of the gang I said Hi! I'll be sure to put out lots of cookies and milk for the reindeer! Have a holly jolly Christmas ride!"

-Erika, recipient of Santa letter

"Dear Santa, Thank you for all the stuff you have given me, especially the DEED to One Square Inch of North Pole, Alaska. I am so proud of me beening near the top of the good list. Are my sisters on the good list too?"

-Kayla, recipient of Santa letter

" hopes that someday I would send for a letter from Santa for my own children. Well, that day has arrived, and I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have the distinct privilege and opportunity to share the magic with my own children. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!"

-Denise, USA

"Dear Santa Claus, thank you for the letter. And thank you for saying I look good in my glasses. And you look good, too, and so does Mrs. Claus and how are you injoning the summer?"

-V.K., recipient of mid-year Santa letter

"Just a line to let you know - very pleased customer here! I ordered 45 North Pole property deeds... I was very, very happy. Everyone... loved it, thought it was a unique only complaint: how do I top this next year? Keep up the good work."

-Nancy, USA

"Just a note to say thank you very much. Customer service such as you have displayed is rare these days and is very refreshing to see. Again, thank you."

-Lyn, USA